Well-equipped Laboratories


Our aim is to provide high quality experimental services tailored to meet the specific requirements of each sponsor and delivered to agreed timelines. Customer service and satisfaction are of prime importance to us and we work closely with our clients scientists and project teams to ensure that their objectives are met. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed with no in-house discovery programmes to produce conflict of interest.

We understand that studies may change when they are in progress and our approach is to be flexible and responsive when this occurs. Our relationship with our client is highly interactive and they are kept fully up to date with the progress of each experiment and the scientific interpretation of the data obtained.

All in vivo studies are conducted by our professional fully-trained staff, in complete compliance with current UK legislation.  We employ the highest standard of animal welfare and follow the principles of the 3 R’s. 

Data reporting varies from tabulated screening results to fully-audited written reports of regulatory standard.

All data and statistical analysis is performed by our fully qualified statisticians who each have over 20 years experience of the pharmaceutical industry and whose expertise (statistical consultancy and computer programming) can be employed separately on a fee-for-service basis.