Simultaneous Microdialysis, Blood-sampling and Behaviour

Simultaneous Microdialysis, Blood-sampling and Behaviour


We employ the Culex Bambino (BASi) for independent programmable collection of brain dialysate and stress-free blood sampling from freely-moving rats. These measurements can be coupled with behavioural monitoring (horizontal locomotor activity) using the Raturn (BASi). 

This elegant technique allows the simultaneous collection of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic data, eg for the correlation of plasma levels of a drug with brain neurochemistry and/or behaviour. The Culex Bambino and Raturn can therefore be used to examine the mode of action and/or abuse liability of centrally-acting drugs.

Key features of this service include :-

•     Normal or genetically modified rats
•     Single or dual-probe studies in freely moving rats
•     Compounds dosed po, ip, sc or by localised reverse-dialysis (iv if only
      microdialysis and behavioural measurements are required)   
•     Various brain regions
•     HPLC with ECD optimised for each neurotransmitter or neuromodulator
•     State of the art ALEXYSTM analysis systems for measurement of
    - monoamines and their metabolites (simultaneously)
    - glutamate and GABA
       -  acetylcholine (with the inclusion of cholinesterase inhibitors)
•     Automated blood-sampling from the same rats to provide pharmacokinetic data                 on plasma drug levels
•     Behavioural monitoring (horizontal locomotor activity)

Culex Bambino

Simultaneous Measurement of Dopamine (Nucleus Accumbens) and Locomotor Activity Levels  

All studies are customised to meet the specific requirements of each client and include advice on experimental design, statistical analysis by a qualified statistician, fully audited data pack and written reports to regulatory standards if required.

Please get in touch for further information about simultaneous microdialysis, blood-sampling and behavioural measurements in the same animals. 



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