Cardiovascular Measurements

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurements in Rats and Mice


Blood pressure and heart rate can be measured in rats and mice as an optional extra in our animal models using a CODATM non-invasive blood pressure system (Kent Scientific). This apparatus is now routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry to measure cardiovascular parameters and has been validated by the manufacturers to correlate with telemetry and direct blood pressure measurements.

Animals (mice from 8 g and rats up to 950 g) are acclimatised to specifically designed nose cone restraining chambers and measurements are made using volume pressure recording sensor technology and an occlusion tail-cuff.

The parameters that can be measured are :-

     •     Systolic blood pressure
     •     Diastolic blood pressure
     •     Mean blood pressure
     •     Heart Rate
     •     Tail blood volume
     •     Tail blood flow


Please contact us for further information on measurement of blood pressure and heart rate in rats and mice using the CODA non-invasive blood pressure system.

Blood Pressure Recordings in Mice

Heart Rate Measurements in Mice




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