Collaboration between RenaSci and Cellomatics BioSciences 07/09/2017 11:18

RenaSci are pleased to announce a collaboration with Cellomatics BioSciences which means that our clients now have access to the Luminex® MAGPIX® platform for analysis of plasma samples from our animal models of obesity, diabetes, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), diabetic nephropathy and chronic kidney disease. 

The Luminex® MAGPIX® is a fluorescent detection system which uses Multi-Analyte Profiling (xMAP®) technology for multiplexing of immunoassays. This provides an alternative to traditional ELISAs, enabling simultaneous analysis of up to 50 analytes from a single small sample.

This collaboration, which combines our in vivo expertise with the in vitro capabilities of Cellomatics BioSciences, enables us to offer our clients an expanded range of assays and measurement of multiple analytes when plasma volume is limited.

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To download a flyer on the measurement of multiple plasma analytes using xMAP® technology please click here