Measurement of Drugs in Microdialysates 06/04/2016 11:40

RenaSci have recently joined forces with pharm-analyt to offer our clients a new service – measurement of drugs and neurotransmitters in the same microdialysate sample.   

Pharm-analyt is a fully-independent bioanalytical company based in Vienna, Baden. The company have been measuring small molecules and their metabolites in a variety of biological tissues for over 30 years. For this purpose, they employ state-of-the-art instrumentation including mass spectrometry technology. This enables them to quantify drug concentrations in minimal sample volumes with very high sensitivity. 

RenaSci employs dual-probe microdialysis to measure extracellular levels of neurotransmitters in different brain regions of freely-moving rats. For example, we have recently measured the effects of d-amphetamine 0.5 mg/kg sc on dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens and on acetylcholine levels in the prefrontal cortex. Microdialysate samples from this study were sent to pharm-analyt for analysis. The results show an excellent correlation between d-amphetamine concentrations and dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens and a weaker though still strong relationship between d-amphetamine concentrations and acetylcholine levels in the prefrontal cortex.

Please click here to see the data. 

The ability to measure drug concentrations and neurotransmitter levels in the same microdialysate sample provides important information regarding the pharmacodynamics-pharmacokinetic properties of the drug.

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