COVID-19 and business continuity

This article outlines a message from Simon Hirst, CEO and Founder of Sygnature Group.

I wanted to tell you about the measures that Sygnature Group, comprising Sygnature Discovery and RenaSci, is implementing relating to the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure the business continues uninterrupted.

As a company which has always invested significantly in our informatics and IT infrastructure, Sygnature is well prepared to manage modern teams and flexible working.  As such we feel that we are well positioned to adapt our workflows to minimise the impact of the current situation.

Our top priorities are to continue running client projects without disruption, and the wellbeing and health of our staff.  As a response to the developing situation we have made some changes to our normal practices and put in place contingency plans to allow further changes if they are required.

These changes include:

  • Moving to replacing client visits to virtual meeting formats
  • Minimising the number of staff attending work at any one time, which will encompass home working for non-lab-based staff members and changing working patterns for lab-based scientific staff, such as shift working and/or moving to a 7-day operational mode
  • Encouraging staff to minimise all travel during this period

Currently we are not experiencing any project delays or disruptions and we believe our current state of readiness will ensure this remains the case.  In summary, Sygnature Group is responding to the COVID-19 situation in a manner that we believe is both proportionate and in-line with current UK government guidance.  We will be responsive to any changes in this dynamic situation and if you have any questions about your projects then please contact us via any of the contact form.

Yours faithfully

Dr Simon Hirst

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