Intravenous self-administration in rats is an extremely reliable predictor of the risk of abuse by humans and this test forms an integral part of the Safety Pharmacology package that is part of the regulatory evaluation for all drugs that enter the brain.

  • We provide GLP-compliant intravenous self-administration testing in rats for evaluation of the reinforcing potential of drugs. Experience with a wide range of drugs including stimulants, opioids, nicotine, MDMA and other entactogens, NMDA antagonists, cannabinoids and benzodiazepines
  • Fixed and progressive ratio schedules of drug reinforcement
  • ‘Break-point’ analysis to quantify the relative reinforcing effects of drugs


Self-administration of heroin by rats on a FR-5 schedule of drug reinforcement

Self-administration of Heroin by Rats on a FR-5 Schedule of Drug Reinforcement


Reinforcing break-points of heroin, samidorphan, naltrexone and saline

Reinforcing Break-points of Heroin, Samidorphan, Naltrexone and Saline

All studies are designed and supervised by experts with substantial experience of interacting with the FDA and EMA.

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