Behavioural Profiling

We offer a wide range of behavioural and physiological assays that can be used to assess the mode of action, efficacy and side-effect profile of centrally acting drugs. They can also be used in proof-of-concept studies for novel molecular targets in the brain. These assays include:

  • Behavioural phenotyping (transgenic animals)
  • Initial safety assessment of novel compounds
    • Irwin test
    • Rotarod
  • Neurotransmitter-specific functional tests
  • Measurement of the effects of drugs on seizure threshold
  • Pupillometry

Drugs (alone or in combination with a receptor agonist or antagonist) can be given by a variety of different routes (including intracerebroventricular injection). Blood and tissue samples can be collected for pharmacokinetic or neurochemical analysis or ex vivo binding if required.


Clonidine-induced mydriasis in mice:
A model of post-synaptic a2-adrenoceptor function
Clonidine-induced Mydriasis in Mice: A Model of Post-synaptic a2-Adrenoceptor Function

We work with clients to develop and validate novel behavioural and physiological functional assays.

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