Receptor Binding

RenaSci provides in vitro and ex vivo radioligand receptor binding assays for screening and characterising compounds. These assays give important information about the pharmacological profile of novel drugs at target receptors and uptake sites, and binding sites associated with adverse side-effects such as sedation and drug abuse liability.

Our receptor binding services include off-the-shelf assays for well-characterised neurotransmitter receptors, and uptake sites using commercially available [3H] radioligands. Examples are given below. We can also measure [3H] monoamine uptake into rat/mouse synaptosomes.



Novel radioligand binding assays can be developed for suitable target receptors that are either expressed in cell lines or in sufficiently high levels in the brain.

All ex vivo binding assays are performed in brain tissue from rats or mice using homogenates or brain slices.

High-speed quantitative autoradiography is performed using Biospace Beta-imagers, which give rapid measurements of specific binding in different brain regions.


Dopamine D2 receptor occupancy determined by
ex vivo radioligand autoradiography with [3H]raclopride

Dopamine D2 Receptor Occupancy Determined by Ex Vivo Radioligand Autoradiography with [3H]Raclopride


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