Clinical Biomarkers

RenaSci provides a range of assays / clinical biomarkers for evaluating kidney function and pathology in mice or rats. Analysis can be performed on samples from our own models of renal disease or on urine, plasma or kidney samples from external studies.


The effects of drugs on the following parameters can be measured during studies:

  • Water intake and food intake
  • Urine albumin/creatinine ratio (uACR) and urine protein/creatinine ratio (uPCR)
  • Urinary volume (collected in metabolic cages)
  • Urinary TIM-1 and MCP-1
  • Plasma creatinine and urea
  • Creatinine clearance estimation as well as glomerular filtration rate (by FITC inulin clearance test)


At the end of studies, kidneys can be weighed and processed for histological assessment by a pathologist (PathCelerate) using light microscopy. The following parameters can be scored:

  • Glomerulosclerosis
  • Tubulo-interstitial inflammation
  • Tubular degeneration/regeneration
  • Tubular protein
  • Interstitial Fibrosis
  • Glomerular Fibrosis
  • Inflammatory markers


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