RenaSci bolsters CNS team

RenaSci has recruited Jane Cooper as a project leader in the CNS group. She joins from Eli Lilly, where she was most recently In Vivo Team Leader.

Jane studied biochemistry at the University of Bristol, followed by an MSc in Advanced Neuropharmacology. This included her introduction to the then-new technique of microdialysis, on which she has built her career. Microdialysis is a powerful method that allows neurotransmitters to be monitored within the extracellular environment.

Her industrial career started at Wyeth where she spent five years designing and running microdialysis experiments in the antidepressant fields. When the site closed in the mid-1990s, she started work at Cerebrus, a small CNS screening CRO that was spun out of the Wyeth group. After a year, she moved to Eli Lilly in Surrey, where she stayed for more than 20 years, first in the field of psychiatry, and later in neurodegeneration.

‘I have been using intra-cerebral surgical techniques throughout my career, and am excited to move to Nottingham, which is the spiritual home of microdialysis as so much development of the technique was done here,’ Jane says. ‘I hope to have an immediate impact at RenaSci by expanding capacity in the microdialysis group, initially with mouse dialysis, and also deliver in vivo models of Alzheimer’s disease in collaboration with behavioural and cognitive endpoints. My skills in neurodegenerative models will build on the techniques RenaSci already has and allow us to offer a wider range of models to clients.’

RenaSci has a strong history in CNS pharmacology and microdialysis, explains co-founder and Director Sharon Cheetham. ‘Recruiting Jane will allow us to expand into models of neurodegeneration, and her recent expertise in both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s will allow us build a strong team in that important therapeutic area,’ she says. ‘Her expertise gained over many years within pharma companies, plus her time at a CRO, will be of huge benefit to the RenaSci team, and complement the skills in neurodegeneration our colleagues at Sygnature Discovery already have.’

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