RenaSci recruits new head of intravenous self-administration group

RenaSci has appointed Angela Batman as head of department of its intravenous self-administration (IVSA) group. She joins from Covance, where she was Manager of Safety Pharmacology.

Angela studied pharmacology at the University of Sheffield. During her PhD at the Medical College of Virginia in the US, she worked with renowned behavioural pharmacologist Patrick Beardsley, one of the key figures in the abuse field. Her project focused on models for a wide range of common drugs of abuse, from nicotine and cocaine to heroin and methamphetamine.

She has also worked in the CNS group at Pfizer in the UK, and the CRO Melior Discovery in Philadelphia specialising in self-administration models for abuse.

Assessing the abuse liability of a developmental drug is now an important part of the preclinical testing process, as it gives an insight into the drug’s potential to be abused. These tests rely on animal models, which assess the likelihood that a rodent will choose to self-administer the drug to gain the rewarding sensation it provides. Angela has a wealth of experience in developing these models.

‘I am excited to return to the field of abuse liability that has been my passion for many years, and to join a group that is so well-established in this area of growing importance,’ Angela said. ‘RenaSci has a great reputation in the abuse field, and there is still a huge unmet scientific need in abuse liability issues and addiction in general. I am excited to join a group that is at the forefront of pursuing this unmet need.’

‘Drug abuse liability assessment is a core area for us, and we are delighted to recruit such an accomplished scientist as Angela,’ commented RenaSci co-founder and Director Sharon Cheetham. ‘With her experience working in both large and small CROs, she is the ideal person to lead the IVSA group here.’

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